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The Florida Black Heritage Trail to Teaspoon

The Teaspoon Foundation

The Teaspoon Foundation was established in 2006 and became a Federally Recognized Non-Profit in 2007.  Its purpose is to recover, celebrate and preserve the rich multicultural history of rural NW Florida, beginning with the landing of the Tristan De Luna Expedition in Pensacola in 1559.

Immediately after landing near what is now Pensacola Florida, Tristan De Luna dispatched two expeditions to explore the area.  Neither found much of anything but a desert of pine trees; virtually no inhabitants, little game or fauna, and little survival-subsistence; however, within a hundred years, a rich trading culture developed and thrived based on that vast desolation of nothing-but-pine trees.  Pine planking, pine pitch, pine rosin, pine sap, pine tarr, pine masts & spars; all critical elements necessary to maintain a naval presence in the wooden-ship-world prior to steam powered iron ships.

Fugitive Free-Africans who had been trained by the British to make marine stores, and their native Muscogee Creek consorts made their homes and their way in the world by trading these valuable pine products with the Spanish and French.  Their industriousness laid the ground-work for the valuable marine-stores and timber industries of the era and the region around Pensacola and Mobile. 

However these cultures depended on “Story-Tellers” to preserve their history and had little in the way of written records or history; thus most of their valuable history was lost over the years.

It is the mission of the Teaspoon Foundation to recover, celebrate, and preserve this rich multicultural history, and to improve the quality of life of all the residents of the region through improved education, improved communication, and improved inter-cultural understanding.

From time to time, as the Teaspoon Foundation selects projects, develops Visions for the future, and sets new goals and objectives, we will add special pages to our website to explain them.

You may make a tax-free contribution to our foundation; or you may participate in our activities by contacting our Executive Director (see below).

If you would like a copy of the story and history behind Teaspoon, please contact us via email and we will send you a pdf file.

One of our first projects was the development of the Teaspoon Festival, an annual multicultural celebration held in Century Florida each year in the early spring.

One of our top priorities is to establish Freedom Park and The Teaspoon Heritage Museum in present day Century Florida.

A Federal 501-c3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization