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The Sawmill had its own trains and cars.  The sawmill built tracks into the forest to harvest the timber for the sawmill, and moved whole villages of workers and their families to where the work was.

There were no schools for children growing up in a boxcar.  The boxcar trains were simply parked in the deep forest, usually near a stream for water.  There they stayed until all of the timber was harvested and the mill-boss picked a new location.  It was then that the big engines came and connected to the cars and moved them.

“Growing up Boxcar” is a fetching children's tale by Georgia McCorvey-Smith about  Black children growing up living in the wild woods of NW Florida.

Boxcar Families

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Copy of actual Turn-of-the-century photograph of Boxcar Families. 

Copied from the original  by Fischer Photography, Century, Florida 32535

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