The Florida Black Heritage Trail to Teaspoon

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The Florida Black Heritage Trail to Teaspoon

Teaspoon is now a small town in NW Florida Called Century.  A hundred years ago, Century was a small sawmill town.  Three hundred years ago, before the American Revolution, there was Teaspoon—a settlement of Free-Africans who were contemporaries with Ft. Mose, near St. Augustine Florida.


Teaspoon re-tells the early history of African Americans in Colonial America and on the Pre-Revolutionary Gulf Coast , and gives a new viewpoint to the history of the United States itself.

Teaspoon was a trading rendezvous on the Old Conecuh River.  Today it is the site of the Teaspoon Heritage Festival and Rendezvous.

Today you can visit the remnants of the old sawmill town, and visit the old sawmill museum.  Walk through one of the few early Black school houses still surviving in the deep south.   See the Pilgrim’s Lodge Church that was dedicated over 133 years ago.  Walk Freedom Road, and feel the history.